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  • STS Fitness services the RFU, Cheltenham Running Club, Cheltenham Brewery Swim Coaching as well as successful elite and aspiring sports people. 

    We pride ourselves on helping all abilities benefit from cutting edge exercise tuition, programme design and support.

    If you want to get injury free and progressing towards your goals then we're here to help!


  • We can help you prevent injuries and lift more weight with perfect technique. If you suffer from joint pains or a lack of results then you need to stop wasting your gym membership. 

    We guarantee less pain and faster results in your lifting ability or your money back.

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  • Our coaching services ensure that you're not only running faster but more efficiently and without injury. 

    Our coaching memberships provide you with session plans to follow in your own time, technique tuition, video recordings of educational workshops and ongoing support via email, phone or face to face. 

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  • Learn to swim from scratch or simply improve your stroke. Our lessons can teach you how to use your body's natural buoyancy to enable to a more efficient stroke.

    Free assessments available at Fitness First Cheltenham 

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  • Don't show up to your matches deconditioned. Getting fit for your team sport can be far more exciting when you know exactly what to do.

    Our session plans will have you feeling fitter than ever before!

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