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  • Run Coaching

    • Technique Coaching

      One to one consultations enable us to assess your technique with slow motion video before explaining the required changes. We can then teach you drills which help you break down the running components so you can concentrate of modifications. 

    • Interval Training

      We can teach you how to use interval training effectively to buffer the effects of hills, head winds and speed surges from your fellow runners. Interval training is a perfect opportunity to practice the new techniques you'll learn. 

    • Tempo Runs

      Short but strong (Tempo) runs are the most common performed by the average runner but only the most experienced and wise know how to accurately pace these runs for ongoing results. We'll provide the ideal speeds based on a time trial result. 

    • Educational Workshop Videos

      We host regular running workshop for members of Cheltenham Running Club. These workshops deal with with injury prevention & treatment as well as how to get the most out of your largest running muscles. You can access these workshops with any monthly membership.

    • Long Runs

      Aimed at increasing the size of your fuel tank, these runs are often underdone in preparation for events over 16km. Pacing is again the key and needs to be influenced by whatever distance you're due to run on the day.

    • Running Programmes

      Running programmes are best set up 12-20 weeks from any event. This gives the body time to build up gradually, without the pains incurred by jumping up in distances by more than 2miles at a time. Your programme will contain every session plan to follow with distances, speeds and times.

    • Injury Prevention

      With increased running distances and speeds your weakest links will slowly cause discomfort. Following an injury prevention plan which progressively increases your strength, stability and mobility will significantly reduce your risks.